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Traditional English tea. Wissotzky Black Label. Kosher for Passover and all year round. Est. 1849. The exclusive taste of this blend has been achieved by the ongoing tradition of carefully selecting the best world's tea leaves for 150 years. English Breakfast Tea is a blend of the finest tea leaves growing in the hilly areas of Ceylon, India and Kenya. A classic blend based on the famous English tradition which makes a refreshing stimulating beverage. http://www.wtea.com. Without metal staples. The Wissotzky Saga: 1849: Klonimus Wolf Wissotzky establishes the Wissotzky Tea Company in Moscow. The quality and excellence of its products soon result in a multitude of devoted customers in the Russian Empire and neighboring countries. 1904: Wissotzky widens its trading activities in Europe. A branch is opened in New York to answer the growing demand by Russian. 1907: Following the success of its products, Wissotzky establishes the Anglo-Asiatic Company with its head office in London, the center of the world's tea trade. 1917: Wissotzky continues expanding. Additional branches are opened in Poland, Italy and other European countries, which together with its presence in Britain and the USA, position Wissotzky as the leading tea firm of the period. 1936: Simon Seidler, scion of the Wissotzky family, opens a plant in Israel (then under the British Mandate) to supply its products to neighboring countries. Since Then: Wissotzky products have traveled even further, reaching growing markets on five continents. Today: 160 years on, headed by the family's fifth generation, Wissotzky continues its long-standing commitment to quality and excellence. Wissotzky tea experts consistently develop superior varieties of tea blends, herbal and fruit infusions, appreciated by millions of tea lovers the world over. Wissotzky Tea, world renowned for quality since 1849. Still brewing strong.