To ensure that D’Agostino’s sets and adheres to the highest supermarket standards, we are proud to work closely with a number of cooperatives and affiliations. This enables us to network with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the products we bring to our supermarkets are the best quality at the very best price.

Through the resources below, you can discover how D’Agostino’s stores are able to meet the demands of our customers. If you have any questions, you may contact us to speak with a member of our team.

Grocery Store Resources & Affiliations

Allegiance Retail Services, LLC
D’Agostino’s is a proud member of Allegiance, a retailer-owned co-op and provider of a full line of our private label products. Membership allows us to offer our customers lower prices and competitive products and services in store.

Eastern Produce Council 
Since 1966, the Eastern Produce Council has provided members with opportunities to meet with vendors, retailers, and professionals in the produce industry. This has allowed D’Agostino’s to obtain the very best fruit, vegetables, and fresh produce for our customers.

Eastern Frosted and Refrigerated Foods Association 
This industry association brings together all related segments of the frozen food industry, from manufacturers to transportation to retailers.

International Dairy Deli Bakery Association
Committed to advancement through education, training, and networking, the IDBAA is an essential resource for information and services relating to food products across the categories of dairy, deli, and bakery.

National Grocers Association
Known as The Voice of the Independent Supermarket Industry, the National Grocers Association represents retail and wholesale grocers from the independent sector of the food distribution industry.

Produce Marketing Association
Representing companies from every part of the global fresh produce and floral supply chain, the Produce Marketing Association allows its members to grow, expand, connect, and solve industry related issues. Being a member allows D’Agostino’s to better serve our customers.

New York Supermarket Resources

The Food Industry Alliance (FIA) of New York State, Inc.
This statewide trade association represents the full spectrum of the grocery industry. Members of the FIA include supermarkets like D’Agostino’s, independents, co-operatives, convenience stores, wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers.


Customer Resources

The Complete Resources Guide for Bakers

Baking is an activity that has been around for thousands of years and was done for necessity as well as pleasure. Hundreds and thousands of years ago, there were not the readily available baked goods that there are today. Even in the 40s, 50, and 60s baking was a regular, daily activity for necessity in many homes, including making fresh, homemade bread, pies, cookies and more.

There is so much to enjoy and learn about baking. People of all ages enjoy this interesting activity even though it has become more of a pastime than a necessity in this day and age. Baking has even become a popular home business for many people who have specialty baked items they create and then sell to others.

Click link above for an extensive list of baking resources that will cover anything you could possible need or want to know about baking. Whether it’s learning about the right kind of equipment that a baker needs or discovering sites that focus on a specific baking specialty, every baker will find something of value here regardless of their skill level.