Nutritional Shelf Tags for a Healthier You!

A shelf labeling program designed to help you make informed decisions for a healthier you!The Easy to Eat Well Program consists of a series of descriptive symbols.
Please understand that the symbols do not summarize or replace product nutritional information labels.
Please read the nutritional information label on each product before you make your purchase decision.


Icon of a healthy heart

Heart Healthy Foods that contain ≤ 3g fat; ≤ 1g sat. fat; ≤ 20mg cholesterol; ≤ 480mg sodium and contains ≥ 10% RDA of one of the following: Vitamins A or C, Calcium, Iron, Protein or Dietary Fiber. Foods must also contain no added sugars.

Icon of low saturated fat

Low Saturated Fat
Foods that contain 1g saturated fat per serving or per 100g and < 10% calories for saturated fat.

Icon of gluten free

Gluten Free
Foods that are naturally..

Icon of eat well fiber

Good Source of Fiber
Excellent Source: Contains ≥ 20% DV of Fiber per serving and per RACC and 3g or less of total fat per serving. Good Source: Contains between 10-19% DV per serving of Fiber; Contains ≥ 2.5mg Fiber per serving and per RACC and < 4.9mg per serving and per RACC and 3g or less of total fat per serving.

Icon of eat well whole grain

Whole Grain
Foods that contain the first ingredient on the ingredient panel as a whole grain.

Icon of eat well carb smart

Carb Smart
Foods that contain ≤ 10g total sugars per serving. Contains whole grain or good source of fiber; ≤ 1 g or less saturated fat, ≤ 35 g or less Carbohydrates per serving.

Icon of eat well organic

Foods that contain 95% or more of organic ingredients as certified by the USDA.

Icon of eat well calcium

Good Source of Calcium
Excellent Source: Contains ≥ 20% DV of Calcium per serving and per RACC; Contains ≥ 200mg Calcium per serving and per RACC. Good Source: Contains ≥ 100mg Calcium per serving or per RACC and < 190 mg per serving or per RACC.

Icon of eat well low sodium

Low Sodium
Foods that contain ≤ 140mg sodium per serving (based on the FDA’s serving size of 100g).

Icon of eat well vegetarian

Identified on package by Manufacturer as Vegetarian or Meatless.

Icon of eat well protein

Good Source of Protein
Identifies products that are ≥10% of the Daily Value for Protein.

Icon of eat calorie smart

Calorie Smart
Identifies products that have Calories ≤ 100.