TracFone Prepaid Cell Phone Card, 1 Year + Double Minutes

Add TracFone airtime before service end date. No bills. No surprises. You're in control. Adds 1 year to your service end date + double minutes on other minutes you add for the life of your phone. Includes 800 minutes. America's No. 1 prepaid cell phone. Card has no value until activated by cashier. Saves you money compared to buying separate 1 year and double minute cards. Cards are non-refundable. Adding this card will keep you connected by: 1. Adding 365 days (1 year) to the Service End Date that is now displayed on your TracFone screen. 2. Adding 800 minutes/units to the airtime balance on your TracFone screen. 3. Adding double minutes on any future TracFone airtime card you add to your TracFone for the life of that TracFone. Note: 1. The double minute benefit does not apply to minutes that have not been purchased, such as bonus minutes provided with a special TracFone promotional code. The 800 minutes included with this card will not double. 2. The double minute benefit may only be added once, only applies to one TracFone cell phone and may not be transferred to another TracFone. Purchase and use of this card is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Service and airtime rates in the phone package or at, which are subject to change without prior notice. The PIN code on this card must be added to your TracFone prior to one year from date of card purchase, or it is void. The double minute benefit is associated with the electronic serial number of the TracFone to which the PIN code is added and may not be transferred to another TracFone, or redoubled.