State Fair® Classic Corn Dogs, 6 Count, 16 oz. (Frozen)

Give your kid this State Fair® favorite: a super-yummy, batter-wrapped hot dog on a stick. State Fair® Classic Corn Dogs are made with real chicken, turkey, pork, and beef with no added hormones or steroids, then dipped in honey-sweetened batter for a kid-approved snack that moms will love as well. With 6 grams of protein per serving, our Classic Corn Dogs are a tasty way to give your kids the protein they need to help power their play. Simply microwave and serve with fruits and veggies for a delicious and well-balanced snack. Includes one package of 6 fully cooked corn dogs. Did someone say playtime? We’re ready. From the secret superhero fort in the backyard to the stuffed animal zoo in your basement, play is the most important thing in a kid's world. With State Fair® Corn Dogs, your kids get a good source of protein to keep the fun going. So line up the play dates, bring on the playgrounds, and play on. One package of 6 corn dogs Classic hot dog on a stick dipped in honey-sweetened batter Made with real chicken, turkey, pork, and beef and no added hormones or steroids 6 grams of protein per serving Fun and tasty way to help give your kids the fuel they need for their play Simply microwave and serve