Silk® Oat Yeah® The Plain One Oatmilk 64 fl. oz. Carton

Free from: Dairy, gluten free. Certified vegan. Excellent source of calcium. 50% more calcium than dairy milk (Silk Oat has 460mg calcium per cup, reduced fat dairy milk has 293mg calcium per cup. USDA ARS. FoodData Central, 2020). Free from: Carrageenan, cholesterol. artificial colors & flavors. Non GMO Project verified. We believe. In making delicious plant-based food. That does right by you and fules our passion for the planet. To make your journey smooth. Silk grow on. Creamy planet-conscious deliciousness you ca dunk a cookie into. We restore water to rivers drop for drop putting back. What is used to grow our oats. Love it or your money back! Visit or call 888-820-9283 for a full refund. Limit two refunds per household per year. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Certified B Corporation. Proud to be a force for world changing good. Discover more at Danone: Proud member of the Danone family. For more on sustainability visit FSC: Mix.