Polaner Sugar Free with Fiber Apricot Preserves

Polaner® Sugar Free with Fiber Apricot Preserves. A good source of fiber. 10 calories per 1 tbsp. 80% fewer calories than standard preserves. Sweetened with Splenda® brand. Polaner® sugar free with fiber provides 3 grams (12% of your daily value) of fiber per serving. Bursting with real fruit and sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener, it's a good source of fiber and more delicious than ever. Contains 10 calories per serving vs. 50 calories per serving in standard preserves. This product is gluten free. *Not in regular preserves. †Adds a trivial amount of sugar. Questions/comments: write: P.O. Box K, Roseland, NJ 07068 USA or visit www.polanerspreads.com. ©2014 B&G Foods, Inc.