Pearls Pitted California Ripe Olives Jumbo

Pearls® Jumbo Pitted California Sea Salt Ripe Olives. 15 calories per 3 olives. Non GMO project. Verified. Musco Family Olive Co®. Dr wt 5.75 oz (163g). Kosher. Please recycle. Steel. Fun at your Fingertips™! Eating smart is easy. Our Pearls taste great, are naturally cholesterol-free, and contain fewer calories and less fat* than potato chips. So, eat well and have fun! Gluten-free! Olives - chips. Fewer calories*. Less total fat*. No saturated fat*. Fit on your fingers. *Olives: 15 calories and 1.5g fat per serving. Potato chips: 155 calories and 10.6g fat per serving. Olives are a saturated fat free food. Contains no major food allergen ingredients. Gluten-free. No genetically engineered ingredients. Guaranteed quality. Please provide code from can end with product correspondence. Call toll free 866-9-OLIVES weekdays 8-5 PT. ©2015. The "Hand With Olives Symbol", Fun At Your Fingertips, and Pearls are trademarks of Musco Family Olive Co™.