Peace Cereal Granola Honey Flax

Peace Cereal® Honey Flax Granola. 6g protein per serving. Whole grain oat clusters, flax seed and honey. Non GMO. 4g fiber. Low saturated fat. Non GMO project. Verified. At Attune Foods, what matters most is what's inside. We believe if you use quality ingredients that are consistently crafted with care, what results is food that is naturally delicious and nutritious. Attune Foods is committed to bringing you food that you feel good about eating and sharing with friends and family. Visit to learn more about our quality products, get the latest news or contact us with any compliments, concerns or questions. Attune Foods™. Benefits in this box. 6g protein. 4g fiber. Non-GMO. Dairy free. Peanut free. Whole grain. Whole grain. 31g or more per serving. Eat 48g or more or whole grains daily. Peace Cereal® are not just delicious cereals, but they are made from quality ingredients, such as organic whole grains, seeds, nuts and fruits to deliver the fiber and protein you need. By effectively combining the finest ingredients with uncompromising taste and regular giving to worthy causes, Peace Cereal® truly delivers peace of mind in every bite! If sweet honey combined with crunchy oat clusters and flax sounds perfect to you, then peace honey flax is your granola! Enjoy a bowl for breakfast every morning, with your favorite yogurt or even as an afternoon snack. Giving back: Giving to worthy causes that benefit our neighbors, communities and the environment is as much a part of Peace Cereal as our delicious cereals. The support and generosity of each and every Peace Cereal customer is why we are able to give back. So, thank you for your support! Join the discussion! Peace Cereal®. 1-888-720-4367. ©2015, Attune Foods, LLC.