Natures Yoke Eggs, Organic, Brown, Jumbo

Always from cage-free hens. Cage free. Grade A. USDA organic. Fed pure grains without animal fat, antibiotics, pesticides or hormones. Certified organic by: Pennsylvania certified organic. Here is what organic eggs from Nature's Yoke Cage-Free Hens are all about: 1. Healthy Chickens: We believe our cage-free hens are healthier due to their ability to roam freely and follow their natural instinct to scratch and move about as they please. We use no antibiotics because we believe in building up the bird's immune system naturally so they can effectively meet the challenges in which they live. Pennsylvania Certified Organic in accordance with the USDA organic requirements, monitors the feeds, the housing of our hens, and the production and packaging of our eggs. 2. Healthy Diet: Our hens are fed only a 100% healthy vegetarian diet. We use organic grains with no hormones, no animal fats, and no meat scraps injected into the feed. 3 Sustainable Farming: Our farmers, together with their families, produce eggs on small farms in Lancaster County, PA and surrounding areas. The use of sustainable farming practices allows us to produce an egg that is healthy for you and your family. You are helping to support sustainable farming by choosing eggs that are not produced on mega, in-line farms. 4 Healthy People: We are grateful for the blessing of health. We intend for our chickens to be yolked to nature making full use of their natural abilities to produce healthy eggs for you. Enjoy these eggs and tell your friends about Nature's Yoke.