Mrs Cubbisons Restaurant Style Croutons, Cheese & Garlic

Prepared from freshly baked bread that is lightly toasted and perfectly seasoned. The goodness of our original restaurant size croutons will enhance the flavor and appearance of any soup or salad. Finally, a crouton with the distinct flavors and appearance you would expect only while dining out. Restaurant Style Croutons from Mrs. Cubbison's add an especially elegant touch to all your favorite recipes -- from dinner salads to soups and other dishes. Just like the finest restaurants, each crouton is prepared slightly larger to capture more flavor. And, of course, Mrs. Cubbison's uses only the freshest bread, then toasts the croutons to crisp perfection. Try one of the recipes and discover how the right crouton can make any meal a fine dining occasion. Keep a box of Mrs. Cubbison's Restaurant Style Croutons on hand for snacking. They're a healthful alternative to deep fried snacks.