Miltons Baked Snack Crackers, Blueberry Multi-Grain

Real blueberry. All natural. 82% organic ingredients. Craft bakers. Non GMO audited (Level one non GMO audit completed). Real blueberries. With blueberry natural flavor. At Milton's, our craft bakers are passionate about creating deliciously unique flavor experiences the whole family will enjoy and feel good about eating. This is especially true of our line of baked snack crackers. Our Blueberry Multi-Grain recipe starts with the finest organic wheat and oats, and we gently bake in real blueberries and organic honey to create a whole new kind of cracker! The combination of toasted grains and a hint of sweetness delivers a delicious taste and characteristic crunch the whole family will enjoy. With 120 calories, you can enjoy these crackers without the guilt! These crackers are great for snacking any time of the day, sharing with friends and family, dressing up a sandwich plate, or even as a topping for salads! Find more great serving ideas at our website Don't limit yourself! There are 4 more incredible varieties to explore. Certified organic by Pro-Cert. Suitable for vegetarian diets. Satisfaction guaranteed. Milton's prints these cartons from sustainable fiber sources with 100% recycled paper board and a minimum of 35% post consumer content, and with ecologically friendly vegetable-based inks. Product of Canada.