Perdue Whole Grain Baked Chicken Breast Cutlets Homestyle - 4 CT

Baked breaded cutlet shaped breast patties with rib meat. Inspected by U.S Department of Agriculture. 40% Less fat than breaded fried boneless chicken. Freshly prepared. Fully cooked. 0 g Trans fat per serving. Microwaveable. A tasty indulgence with less fat! At Perdue, superior quality chicken has been our passion for three generations. That's why our cutlet shaped patties start with fresh Perdue white meat chicken. We add specially seasoned bread crumbs and bake until golden crisp so you get all of the taste with less of the fat. (This product contains 7 g total fat vs breaded fried boneless chicken [USDA Handbook 8], which provides at least 15 g of total pat per 84 g serving). Contains no MSG.