Mariani Mediterranean Apricots

Mariani® Mediterranean Apricots. TouchLock™. Easy seal. Family owned & operated since 1906. Per 40g serving: Potassium, 12% DV. Fiber 2g. Vitamins A&E, 10% DV. Premium. Good source of vitamins A&E. Our family's best. Delicately sweet in flavor, Mariani Mediterranean Apricots contain a bounty of nourishing benefits! Every serving of these tender treats is a good source of the Antioxidants Vitamin A and E as well as Potassium - a mineral known to promote good bone health. Live well and enjoy! From our family to yours. Good source of the antioxidants vitamin A&E. Good source of potassium. Dietary fiber promotes good digestive health (2g provides 8% of RDI). Fruits & veggies. More matters®. Visit us on the web! Products- recipes- promotions- more. ©2013 Mariani Packing Company., Inc.