Lundberg Sprouted Risotto Cheddar & Peppers

Lundberg Organic sprouted Cheddar & Peppers Risotto. Family farms since 1937. USDA organic. Whole grain brown arborio rice. Gluten-free. Cultivating a family tradition: At Lundberg Family Farms, we produce high-quality, organic products. It's a family passion and our commitment has spanned over three generations, since 1937. We grow our rice sustainably with farming practices that conserve water resources, build soil integrity, and support a healthier ecosystem. We pride ourselves on making great-tasting organic products that are good for you and the environment. -The Lundberg Family. 100% Whole Grain™: 47g or more per serving. Eat 48g or more of whole grains daily. Certified GF™ gluten-free. By the Gluten Free Certification Organization. 100% of the electricity used to manufacture this product is offset with renewable wind energy. Enjoy the goodness of germinated, whole grain brown rice! You'll love the soft texture of the sprouted grain with the creamy taste of our own delicious cheddar & peppers risotto recipe. We created this amazing side dish by blending quality ingredients like organic cheddar cheese, bell pepper, onion, smoked paprika, and spices with our organic sprouted brown arborio rice. You'll love how the individual kernels plump, creating a rich, creamy sauce while the rice grains remain separate and al dente. Preparing this wholesome, tasty risotto is easy and requires minimal stirring. It's a convenient, delightful way to add sprouted whole grains to any meal. Certified organic by certified CCOF organic. Organic is non-GMO & more. 100% Recycled Paperboard®. We print our boxes on 100% recycled paperboard (85% post-consumer material and post-industrial waste). For more inspirational recipe ideas visit