Lundberg Family Farms® Heirlooms Organic Brown Short Grain Rice 16 oz. Stand-Up Bag

Short grain brown rice: Clingy & tender a full-flavored rice and an excellent source of whole grains. After cooking, the grains are soft and cling together-great in everyday recipes where a stickier texture is desired. For delicious recipe ideas, visit Non-GMO project: Lundberg Family Farms® supports the consumer's right to choose foods that have not been genetically modified. This product has been produced in a accordance with the best practices of the non-GMO project standard. For more information, please visit Share our treasured collection of distinctive rice varieties with your family. Cultivating a family tradition: Over the years, the Lundberg family has produced high quality eco-farmed rice products. It's our passion and has been for over three generations. We pride ourselves on growing rice that is good for you and the environment.We've grown our rice sustainably, long before anyone used the world. Our farming methods conserve water resource, build soil integrity, and support a healthier ecosystemAt Lundberg Family Farms®, we specialize in eco-farmed, whole grain and gluten-free rice products. Nothing fancy there, just lots of natural deliciousness. Thanks for supporting sustainable farming!-The Lundberg Family Good Taste Good Health Re-Closeable with Velcro® Press-LOK This Product was Manufactured with 100% Renewable Energy Since 1937