La Baleine Sea Salt Kosher Salt

La Baleine Sea Salt Kosher Salt. For Cooking. Exclusively Imported From Our Mediterranean Source. Naturally Crystallized From The Sea. This Salt Does Not Supply Iodide, A Necessary Nutrient. Net wt. 33.5 OZ. (2 LB,1.5 OZ.) 950 g. Naturally crystallized by the mediterranean sun and sea breezes. LA Baleine Kosher Salt brings out the natural flavor in foods. 100% Naturally pure. Coarse kosher salt. We suggest you try: Use for boiling pasta. Brining poultry for an extra tender and juicy flavor. Rimming margarita glasses. Marinades to tenderize meat before grilling or barbecuing. Sprinkle over sliced cooked steak just before serving. Delicately season the inside and outside of whole fish,refrigerate for a half hour, then grill. For all recipes that require kosher salt. Please visit for recipes and other products © La Baleine, Inc.