Turkey Hill Light Recipe Ice Cream, Light, Cold Churned, Banana Split

Banana light ice cream swirled with fudge, strawberry ice cream and chocolate ice cream with walnuts. Excellent source of calcium & vitamin D. 57% less fat. 27% fewer calories than regular ice cream. 110 calories per serving. Imported from Lancaster County. Intelligent indulgence: Healthy eating is different in Lancaster County because we think healthy food should taste good. Our Light Recipe combines premium ingredients with a special cold-churn process to create light ice cream that both your waistline and your taste buds can love. Every serving is also an excellent source of calcium for strong teeth and bones and vitamin D to help your body absorb the calcium. Go ahead. We made indulgence intelligent! Fat was reduced from 7 g to 3 g. Calories reduced from 150 to 110.