Tillamook Ice Cream Bars, Old-Fashioned Vanilla

Farmer owned since 1909. The best taste every day. Really creamy ice cream bars. Dipped in milk chocolate. Our classic Old-Fashioned Vanilla ice cream bars, wrapped in the sweet embrace of premium milk chocolate. Smile. You're about to eat a Tillabar. What makes a Tillabar so tasty? The farmer-owners of Tillamook have been making rich, creamy ice cream since 1947. Just for fun, we create this extra-tasty Tillabar using our smooth Old-Fashioned Vanilla ice cream dipped in just the right amount of sweet, delicious milk chocolate. It's a downright wonderful combination. Just take a bite and you'll see. Love at First Bite: Tillabars are naturally designed to make the corners of your mouth turn up in a little smile whenever you take a bite. Old-Fashioned Vanilla: The secret of this scrumptious Tillabar is our classic old-fashioned ice cream, made with pure Madagascar vanilla and extra-creamy milk. Milk Chocolate: Naturally, no Tillabar is complete without a dip in rich, premium milk chocolate. We taste-tested hundreds, just to be sure. Handy Stick: A nice finishing touch for a sticky situation. Grab here to raise the bar and enjoy an uplifting experience - anywhere you go. Do yourself a flavor. Treat yourself to a Tillabar. They're all chillin' at Tillamook.com. Made with milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. The FDA has stated that no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST treated and non-rBST treated cows. Questions? Comments? Please visit Tillamook.com/Contact. What's in a name? Tillamook is a Native American word for land of many waters. A Tillabar, on the other hand, is just really good to have in the other hand. Smooth Sailing: In 1855, the schooner Morning Star carried fresh dairy products from Tillamook, Oregon up the coast to Portland. Today, our Tillabars return the favor by carrying a small Morning Star on each wrapper. Thank you for buying Tillabars and helping to keep our family farms strong. Beep if you love Tillabars.