Scar Zone Sudden Change Topical Scar Diminishing Cream, with Green Tea

Reduce visibility of scars. Smooth, soften to diminish appearance of scars: surgery, injury, burns, acne and stretch marks. With green tea, super antioxidant, helps restore damaged skin. Silicone skin protectant, moisturizes and SPF15 sunscreen. Massaging Scar Zone into the scar begins the process of reducing its appearance by helping it fade, diminish and become less noticeable. When massaged into the scar twice daily, Scar Zone even helps raised and discolored scars become flatter, softer, smoother and closer to the skin's own natural zone. Green Tea's combination of antioxidants and EGCG helps restore damaged skin cells. Scar Zone works on new wounds that have healed or on older scars that are still visible. So no matter how long you've had the scar, Scar Zone should help. It can be worn under makeup and under clothing because it will not stain. SPF15 helps protect scars from sun. Formulated with moisturizers and silicone skin protectant.