OGX® Hydrating Argan Oil of Morocco Dry Body Oil 6.8 fl. oz. Bottle

Hydrating. Lavish dry body oil with an exclusive moisture lock system made of a precious blend of quickly absorbing pure argan oil of Morocco to restore elasticity, with sugar cane and willow bark to soften, giving a radiant glow and rice milk and bamboo extract to make skin supple and touchable all over. Beauty, pure and simple. Formerly Organix, beauty pure and simple. Hydrating Argan Oil of Morocco, dry body lotion. Why You Want It: Makes your skin glow all over! This oil blend goes on dry, therefore is never greasy, instantly moisturizes the skin with naturally occurring nutrients and a burst of hydration. What's In It For You: A nutrient rich nourishing body treatment with an intense moisture lock system that uses a PCA complex to help draw moisture into the skin while a ceramide complex creates a surface barrier to lock it in. Sugar cane and willow bark promote cellular turnover and pure argan oil seed extract envelopes your body with naturally occurring nutrients. Our bottles are eco-friendly, manufactured from materials containing recycle post-consumer resin. Not tested on animals. Beautypureandsimple.com. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Environmental, earth friendly packaging. Made in USA.