Arm & Hammer® Sensitive Freshening Toothpaste with Flavor Burst 4.5 oz. Box

Misc: Maximum relief without a prescription. From the makers of Orajel. The standard of purity. Gentle formula made for sensitive teeth. Long lasting protection with proper use. Low abrasion formula is gentler on enamel. Fluoride formula remineralizes, strengthens, and protects teeth against cavities. Kills germs for fresh breath. Indications: Arm & Hammer Sensitive helps reduce painful sensitivity of the teeth to cold, heat, acids, sweets or contact. A decrease in sensitivity should occur within the first 2 weeks of regular brushing and improve with continued use. Freshening with regular brushing. Fights cavities & removes plaque. Soothes the nerves in the teeth. Relieves painful tooth sensitivity. Whitens teeth gently. Patented mint-infused breath fresheners.