Biotene® Dry Mouth Fresh Mint Oral Rinse 2 fl. oz. Bottle

Soothing moisturization. Alcohol-free. Improved pH balance. No. 1 dentist & hygienist recommended brand for dry mouth symptoms. Healthy Tooth: enamel; dentine; pulp; gingiva; sulcus. Damaged Tooth: plaque; periodontal pocket; receding gum; bacterial and food debris; exposed dentine. Learn to manage oral dryness and dry mouth symptoms 3 ways with the Biotene family of products. 1. Practice oral hygiene daily with products specifically designed for oral dryness and dry mouth symptoms. 2. Stimulate saliva production throughout the day. 3. Relieve the discomfort and continually moisturize the inside of your mouth. Sweetened with Xylitol and sorbitol.