Mineral Wear® Buff Beige Liquid Foundation 1 fl. oz. Package

Talc-free. Anti-microbial sponge delivery system. For extra sensitive or breakout-prone skin. The Talk on Talc! This gentle, talc-free formula was specially developed for the most sensitive and/or breakout-prone skin. For extra sensitive skin, less is more, less colorants that is. This gentle formula allows skin to breathe and can help to minimize the risk of irritation and breakout. Mineral Wear for a Natural Wear! Minerals such as titanium dioxide and iron oxides help achieve a smooth, second skin feel and finish. The weightless formula delivers an incredibly soft and smooth application that perfectly matches your complexion for a comfortable all-day wear. Provides the look of a flawless complexion with a natural, matte finish. A Daily Dose of Vitamins and Minerals! This good-for-your-skin foundation would not be complete without a healthy dose of vitamins. In addition to the minerals, Mineral Wear contains derivatives of Vitamins A&E, natural anti-oxidants which help to protect and condition the skin. Professional Application Made Easy, Pure and Safe: The smart, portable design with attached sponge applicator enables you to apply foundation directly onto the face for easy blending, effortless application without the mess or contamination. The custom Yukilon Tera sponge contains an antimicrobial agent that forms a protective shield over the applicator and helps keep the product pure and safe. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Oil free. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist approved. Made in Italy.