Hawaiian Springs Water, Artesian

Natural artesian water. Preserving paradise. Through our Preserving Paradise Initiative, Hawaiian Springs funds efforts to protect and sustain Hawaii's natural environment. The Ohia Lehua flower is an important food source for endangered native birds. bottled at the source on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaiian Springs is filtered through 13,000 ft of lava. With close to 200 inches of annual rainfall, it's from one of the most renewable sources of water on earth. Aloha! www.HawaiianSpringsWater.com. Typical Analysis: pH 7.7, TDS 91 mg/lt, calcium 6.4 mg/lt, magnesium 3.4 mg/lt, potassium 2.1 mg. 30% rPET. Post consumer recycled content. BPA Free. Recycle. Bottled at source. Made in USA.