Hair Off Hair Removal Kit, Value Pack

Includes: 3 body mittens (2-sided); 3 facial buffers; 1 facial buffer applicator; instruction booklet. Instant, painless hair removal. Facial Buffer: chin, cheeks, upper lip. Body Mitten: legs, arms, bikini area. Eco-friendly. No nicks or razor burn. No harsh chemicals. No painful waxing. Gently exfoliates for soft, smooth skin. Removes hair instantly and easily. Gently exfoliates skin. Regrowth appears slower and less noticeable. Great for travel and touch-ups. Leaves skin smooth & soft. Instant, painless hair remover. The fast and gentle way to soft hair-free skin. Discover for yourself this revolutionary all-natural treatment that makes traditional hair removal products obsolete. Say goodbye to nicks, stubble and harsh odors and discover the secret of millions of women around the world. Unlike painful tweezing, waxing, razors or harsh chemicals, the Hair Off Facial Buffer and Body Mitten gently massage away unwanted hair and leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. Best of all, with our specially formulated Silksmooth finish, hair regrowth will actually appear to be slower and less noticeable. Take it anywhere for quick and easy touch-ups. Get perfect, smooth skin the easy way with Hair Off. Arms, upper lip, chin, cheeks, bikini area, legs, feet. The fast and gentle way to soft hair-free skin. Manufactured in Canada.