VS Sassoon Salonist Permanent Hair Color, Darkest Intense Violet 3/66 2

Treats roots then lengths separately - as done in salons. Nothing surpasses professional application for colour full of depth & tones. Professionals treat roots first then lengths separately, as new growth and previously coloured hair take in colour differently. We created VS Salonist inspired by the salon technique. For exclusive tips go to www.vidalsassoon.com. Not recommended for greater than 30% grey, on higher grey results will appear more intense at the root. If your hair is dyed darker than the shade on this box, roots will appear more intense than rest. Go to website to learn more. Vidal Sassoon was devoted to creating hair looks tailored to every woman. Today his legacy thrives in the Sassoon Academies and salons, where professionals create techniques and innovative hair design trends. Sassoon experts continue to pursue ultimate hair perfection for women everywhere. For an exceptional hair experience visit a Sassoon Salon. Find one near you at www.Sassoon.com. Questions? Call 1-877-286-7163. This kit contains: 1 tube of rich colour cream; 1 bottle of colour activating lotion; 1 sachet of VS Serum; 1 tube of colour preserving conditioner; expert brush, bowl & gloves; 1 instructions & tips leaflet. Ingredients are listed on the bottom of the box. Made in Mexico.