Nair Roll-On Wax, Au Naturel, Milk & Honey

For dry & sensitive skin. Longer lasting smoothness. 100% rinseable formula. Dermatologist tested. 15 second microwaveable wax. 10 washable strips for legs & body. Easy application. Naturally gentle - inspired by the beauty ritual of Mediterranean women, Nair created this wax from natural extracts and aromatic fragrances, a wax that is easy to use, effective and gentle on skin. Gentle and Effective: Moisturizing sugar based formula. (Moisturizes the upper layer of the skin). Nair roll-on wax coats the entire hair, making it easier to remove at the root without damaging the skin. Specially created for dry and sensitive skin with soothing milk and honey, Nair Au naturel wax roll-on effectively whisks away unwanted leg, bikini and underarm hair. Nair wax washes off easily with water. Dermatologist-tested formula. Long lasting smoothness. Results last weeks longer than shaving. A Multi-Position Roll-On: Easy to prepare, Nair roll-on is ready to use after just 15 seconds in the microwave. (Important: Read the instructions before heating.) The exclusive multi-position bottle ensures even application on all parts of the body. Ergonomically shaped bottle makes waxing a breeze and ensures professional results. Use the packaging shell to support the roll-on during hair removal. Keeping the bottle upside down during hair removal keeps the wax in contact with the applicator.