Spongeables Body Wash In A Sponge, 4-In-1, Clean Power for Men

5+ showers. 4-in-1: cleanse, protect, massage, hydrate with olive oil, prickly pear extract & shea butter. Body Wash in a Sponge - a revolutionary patent-pending technology foam-release system with aromatherapy. The unique 4 in 1 system combines cleansing, anti-oxidant skin protection and deep hydration with a relaxing massage texture. The soothing and luxurious blend of Olive Oil, Glycerin, Vitamins A & E, Shea Butter and Prickly Pear Extract softens and conditions the skin while slowing the effect of aging by protecting from environmental stresses. Body Wash in a Sponge - Clean Power for men to energize and refresh. Brighten up your every day with Spongeables. Spongeables products are paraban-free and never tested on animals. Proudly made in the USA using Spongeables LLC patent pending technology worldwide.