Russell Stover Fine Assorted Chocolates Private Reserve

Elegant. Rich. Beautiful. Welcome to an extraordinary experience in fine chocolates. Spezia: Elegant white chocolate covering a decadent chocolate truffle. Signature: A light almond cream center encased by rich milk chocolate. Luzern: A solid medallion of our unique blend of fine milk chocolates. Mayan: A solid medallion of our proprietary 70% cacao dark chocolate - intense flavor, never bitter. York: Refined hazelnut praline covered in silky milk chocolate. Monaco: Pure while chocolate covers a savory raspberry caramel with dark chocolate strips. Monogram: Smooth white choclate encases an almond mousse center. Newport: Real honey caramel covered with silky milk chocolate and striped to perfection. Cannes: 70% cacao dark chocolate encrusts a light lemon souffle. Orleans: Soft, creamy butterscotch caramel enrobed in rich milk chocolate. Palazzo: Raspberry cordial center enhanced by a 70% cacao dark chocolate shell. Ardenne: Silky milk chocolate, striped with dark chocolate, enrobes a chewy almond nougat. Product of the USA.