Terra Yukon Gold Potato Chips, Original

40% less fat than other leading brands of potato chips. Gluten free. Perfected through a special cooking technique to reduce fat content without eliminating an ounce of flavor, Terra Chips brand potato chips are in a class of their own. The Yukon Gold is a premium potato full of vivacious flavor and golden color. Terra adds its own gourmet flair to Yukon Gold potatoes with the perfect hint of salt that complements each savory chip. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the full, rich taste embodied within our Terra Yukon Gold potato chips. Comparisons Per Serving: Other leading brands of potato chips: 10 g fat; Terra Yukon Gold 40% less fat: 6 g fat. Our Terra Yukon Gold brand potato chips are made from only the finest potatoes available. A premium quality potato, Yukon Golds were cultivated in Canada and came to market in 1980. Highly regarded for its beautiful golden color and intense flavor, the Yukon Gold potato makes a superior chip which will amaze you with its delicious taste and beautiful presentation. Terra Yukon Gold brand potato chips are significantly lower in fat than other leading chips. We guarantee the freshness of all our delicious Terra brand products when used by the date on the front of the package. If you are not completely satisfied, please send us the empty package along with the reason for your return to: Terra Chips Consumer Relations, 4600 Sleepytime Drive, Boulder, CO 80301 or call 800-434-4246. www.terrachips.com. Made in the USA.