LesserEvil Feta and Black Olive Chia Crisps Gluten-Free

Made with black bean. Super savoury, totally Greek. Feta and black olive. Opa! Gluten-free. All natural. Omega-3s (ALA), dietary fiber and powerful antioxidants. We don't just claim to be all-natural. We are. Chia? Why? It's not a plant, it's a seed. A super seed that's rich in omega-3s (ALA), antioxidants, calcium and loaded with protein to help curb your growing hunger. Specifically, we've chosen Salba chia to team up with black bean in our seriously tasty recipe. It's easy to digest, gluten-free, vegan, Kosher and filled with fiber. So here's to snacking on something that's jam-packed with the good stuff to keep everyone young at heart. Snack on friends, snack on. No trans fat. Kosher. Cholesterol free. Good source of fiber. No MSG. Socially responsible. Not genetically modified. Corn free. No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. No milk hormones. Eat some good. Give good back. 10% of profits go to support Autism Speaks. Facebook: facebook.com/LesserEvilSnacks.