Wise Food Truck Favorites Potato Chips, Beef Barbacoa Tacos Flavored

The classic American snack. North East of the Border - Authentic Mexican food. Chris & Gustavo, Boston, MA; (at)NEOTBtruck. We love food trucks! So many options exist. Food Truck Favorites by Wise brings to life some of our favorite flavors inspired by real food trucks to share our passion with you. Our Beef Barbacoa Tacos flavor was inspired by the North East of the Border truck in Boston. Follow us on Instagram (at)WiseChips with a pic of you next to your favorite truck and share your fave flavor. Your nomination could be next! (Hashtag)wisefoodtruck. Visit us at wisesnacks.com. The Wise Guarantee: We pride ourselves on great tasting, quality snacks. If you're not completely satisfied, contact us for a replacement coupon. Kindly include the product name, bag weight, freshness date and code found on the front of the package. Wise Consumer Affairs Dept. 228 Raseley Street Berwick, PA 18603-4533. Facebook: Find us online: wisesnacks.com; facebook.com/wisefans. We love - Food trucks.