Live Love Popcorn Sea Salt 4.4oz

Dig in! Happiness is in the bag! In Popcorn, we trust. Just simple ingredients. The guilt-free gourmet snack you can’t resist (and don’t have to!). Discover the yum within! Live Poptimistically: We found your bliss. It's in the bag. Whether you're noshing, nibbling, munching, or crunching we want to make snacking easier, and more enjoyable for you. We believe you should feel good about snacking. That's why we pack a healthy dose of optimism into every bag - along with simple, lovable, wholesome ingredients, and a taste that's sure to make you smile. Snack on the bright side, and make us your official munching mentor! And that's it! Some Feel Good Facts: Good source of fiber; Preservative free; Non GMO; Gluten free; No artificial ingredients or flavors; Whole grain; Certified Vegan.; Kosher; Totally tasty. A portion of proceeds benefit Hunger Relief Efforts. Selfless Snacking: Inspired by giving, propelled by Popcorn. We're not just about great snacks, we're also about doing good. That's why we highlight a different cause on every flavor of Live Love Pop. People we know and love have been affected by certain life tribulations that these causes support. That's why we use our product packaging to promote awareness for these charitable causes - let's snack our way to a better tomorrow!