Gimbals Licorice, Black, Scottie Dogs

All natural licorice. Made with real licorice root and pure anise. Fine candies. Est. 1898. One of the most recognized herbs in the world, Licorice was discovered in ancient times. Introduced to England in th Middle Ages, a Pontefract Monastery known for crafting delicious sweets quickly spread the popularity of Licorice. Centuries later, original licorice recipes were brought to America and passed down through the generations. We invite you to enjoy our time-honored family recipe. Founded in 1898, the Gimbal family tradition of all natural licorice has been passed down for four generations. Made with only the finest ingredients, each Licorice Scottie Dog is handcrafted with real licorice root and pure anise. Masterfully cooked in small kettles within the walls of their San Francisco family confectionary, the delicate texture of these Scotties emanates true licorice flavor. All natural licorice Scotties are made for the real licorice lover. Gimbals Facility Is Proud To Be: kosher; peanut free; gluten free; tree nut free; trans fat free; dairy free; gelatin free; egg free; soy free. Satisfaction Guaranteed: My family's promise for four generations has been to create truly exceptional candies bursting with flavor in each and every bite. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. It's as simple as that. - Lance Gimbal. No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. No preservatives. Made in USA.