Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Delight Distinctive Cookies, Marbella, Chocolate Cappuccino

New! Decadent chocolate cookie, rich chocolate layer, chocolate cappuccino crunchies. The Art of the Cookie: by Pepperidge Farm: Begin with a baker's soul. Seed the finest ingredients. Explore nature's infinite variety of flavors and textures - sweet, crunchy, rich - oh, and chocolate. Entertain inspirations. Embrace decadent cravings. Reward yourself. Open. Taste. Delight. Thank you for letting us share our creations with you. Gratification guaranteed. Chocolate dreams do come true - Introducing, Chocolate Delight, indulgent new cookie selections devoted to chocolate lovers just like you. If you've only imagined (in your wildest flights of chocolate fancy) a truly unique mix of exciting flavors, intriguing textures and elegant shapes, then dream no more. Chocolate Delight cookies are here! Savor Chocolate Cappuccino Marbella. A decadently rich fluted chocolate cookie layered with luxuriously smooth chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate Cappuccino crunchies. Linger and dream with a Chocolate Delight. Product of U.S.A.