Cape Cod Popcorn, Premium White Cheddarf Cheese

Cape Cod Popcorn is made from the highest quality, best tasting popping corn on the planet. We diligently research and test our popping corn from a variety of farms, just like we do for our potatoes, to ensure we receive the best kernels year round. We use only white popping corn, which has a smaller hull (the hard triangular part at the end of the kernel), so that we are guaranteed maximum kernel explosion in the popper. Popcorn has long been part of New England history, and has been used for everything from jewelry to breakfast cereal. It was even part of the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, MA, when the brother of the Wampanoag chief offered popcorn in a deerskin bag to the Pilgrims as a token of friendship. Continuing in that tradition, we hot-air pop our corn in a small popper to allow close supervision throughout the cooking process. Air popping creates a very tender, light popcorn with a pronounced corn flavor, the perfect setting for our premium white cheddar. Our cheddar was selected after a year long search of over 200 cheeses. This special topping is 100% cheddar containing only milk, salt, cheese culture and enzymes. There are absolutely no artificial colors, preservatives or fillers. Once the white cheddar cheese is applied the popcorn is complete, but before it's packaged we test a sample from every batch. At Cape Cod Potato Chips, we take pride in treating everything we make with individual care and attention. So whether you choose our White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn, our Classic Potato Chips - Salted, Unsalted, 40% Reduced Fat, Barbecue, Sour Cream & Chive or Sea Salt & Vinegar or our Russets - Golden or Dark- we promise that you'll enjoy a snack with real personality and flavor the large companies can't match. Please drop us a line or, even better, stop in and say hello.