Baycliff Company Sushi Chef Sushi Vinegar

Baycliff Company Sushi Chef® Sushi Vinegar. Seasoned rice vinegar. Suchi Chef® sushi vinegar is a specially seasoned rice vinegar that is brewed in a slow and natural process that is centuries old. When mixed with warm rice, it adds the characteristic sheen and flavor of fine sushi rice. It has a delicate, sweet, yet tangy flavor. It is a particularly good low fat salad dressing. For making sushi, use 1/3 cup of sushi vinegar to 3 cups of warm cooked Japanese style rice (approx. 1 cup of raw rice). After the rice is cooked, spread it on a wooden, ceramic, or plastic surface. Let the steam escape by tossing the rice with a paddle. As the steam evaporates, sprinkle with sushi vinegar and continue to toss the rice. If not to be used immediately, cover with a damp towel. Do not refrigerate sushi rice. Packed by Baycliff Co., Inc.