Natures Earthly Choice Freekeh, Cracked

All natural. 100% Whole Grain: 40 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. 100% whole grain. Excellent source of fiber. Good source of protein. Good source of iron. Resealable to keep freekeh fresh. Freekeh is an ancient grain whose name is derived from the ancient Aramic language. The word farik, meaning rubbed, describes a natural process discovered 4300 years ago which uses fire to capture grain at peak taste and nutrition. The process begins with harvesting wheat while still young, soft, and green. The grain is then dried naturally prior to being roasted over an open fire. Once roasted, the wheat goes through a further rubbing process to give it uniform color, texture, and flavor. We have cracked the grain to shorten the cooking time and to enhance the taste and texture of the grain even more. Free of chemicals, preservatives and genetically modified, freekeh brings to the American consumer a grain that is healthy, easy to prepare, and is more nutritious than traditional rice or pasta. Freekeh's health and nutritional benefits make it worthy of being the newest super grain. It is higher in vitamins and minerals, and lower in glycemic index than most other grains. Freekeh is also high in fiber and protein, so you can consume less and feel fuller. Freekeh is also a great value with 1 cup dry freekeh producing 3 cups cooked freekeh in about 15 minutes! Simple, healthy, delicious and easy to prepare! Thanks to Nature's Earthly Choice, it's always easier to bring the best of mother nature to your family's table. Get recipe ideas at Packed in USA. Product of USA and/or Australia.