Cipriani Pappardelle 8.82 Oz

Extra thin durum wheat egg pasta. Cooks in 4 minutes. Venezia 1931. Under the supervision of Rav Scialom Bahbout Chief Rabbi of Venice and surroundings and Rav Izchak David Margalit responsible for kashruth in the plants. What Makes the Cipriani Pasta Special: Seven whole grade A fresh eggs are used for every kg. of the best durum wheat; one hundred times the dough is processed through the press and the cylinders. No other pasta is produced with the same care which makes its thin, delicate but compact texture grow more than any other; sixteen hours the length of time we keep it in a low temperature dryer. In 1931, a long-sought dream became reality. Giuseppe Cipriani opened the doors to Harry's Bar. In a discreet stone building perched along a canal just off Piazza San Marco in Venice, he created a timeless and impeccably appointed establishment. His concept was to serve others like you would want to be served yourself. His vision of luxury in simplicity would touch the soul of people all over the world. At Harry's Bar in Venice, an Italian National Landmark since 2001, all clients are treated like royalty. The secret of Cipriani isn't about what can be seen or touched, but what can be felt and sensed. It's intangible but palpable. It can't be patented, but even after seventy-five years it hasn't been duplicated by others. The pasta you are looking at is served in all the Cipriani restaurants around the world. Venice - Harry's Bar and Harry's Dolci; New York - Harry Cipriani, Downtown Cipriani, Cipriani 42nd Street, Cipriani Dolci in Grand Central Station, Cipriani 55 Wall Street, Cipriani Le Specialita at 42nd Street; London - C London Davies Street; Hong Kong - Cipriani Hong Kong; Los Angeles - Mr. C Beverly Hill; Miami - Cipriani Downtown Miami; Ibiza - Downtown Ibiza; Monte Carlo - Cipriani Monte Carlo; Abu Dhabi - Cipriani Yas Island. We offer the freedom of luxury in simplicity. Without impositions. The freedom to have the best food served in your own home. The Cipriani's freedom. Production process in compliance with law 178/2002 GMO-free ingredients controlled at the origin. Product of Italy.