Luzianne® Gumbo Dinner Kit 8 oz. Box

Includes: Rice, vegetables, & Cajun seasonings. Separate pepper packet lets you season to taste. Our Cajun and Creole products are made with care and Louisiana expertise, and we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction. Gumbo is a thick Cajun "soup," containing any combination of vegetables, meats, poultry, or seafood and served over rice. Luzianne Cajun and Creole Dinners are made from time-tested recipes prepared by New Orleans experts. Let Luzianne feed your family--we've been making Louisiana food and beverage products since 1903. You can turn ordinary chicken, meat, or seafood into exciting meals easily with Luzianne Cajun and Creole Dinners. Each dinner is a blend of rice, authentic Cajun or Creole seasonings and chopped vegetables. Recipe: Luzianne Gumbo with Beef, Ham, or Sausage. Recipe: Luzianne Gumbo with Chicken. Recipe: Luzianne Gumbo with Seafood. Add Chicken, Seafood, or Meat