Repurpose Plant-Based Straws -- 50 Count

8 in x 0.2 in (20.32 cm x 6.35 mm). Strong + flexible. Products from plants. Welcome to a cleaner world. These are not traditional plastic straws. Repurpose straws are made with plants. They are also certified compostable (Compostable where commercial composting facilities are available), so they break down in a matter of months, not millennia. Best of all they have the same look and feel as the straws you're used to - only better for you and the planet. Strong & flexible straws. Made with plant material. Packaging made from 85% recycled materials. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (At) repurpose. Made with ingeo. ASTM 6400 certified. Made with plants. Strong. Flexible. Made with plants renewable BPA-free compostable. Made in Taiwan.