Small Steps® White Hypoallergenic 2-Ply Facial Tissues 80 Ct Box

We may be small, but we're making a big difference! We're a small company that believes that you shouldn't have to pay a lot more for a quality product that's good for the environment. A friend to trees since 1950. we've been committed to making environmentally friendly paper products since 1950. Works great & budget friendly: every one of our products--paper towels, napkins, facial and bath tissue--is made from 100% premium recycled paper, never trees... With the strength, absorbency, softness and value families want. Small steps® can make a big difference: in fact, over the years, our little company has helped save millions and millions of trees. That's why we say marcal® small steps® can make a big, big difference. Together we can help save 1 million trees: you can make a big difference too. Because if every home in america switches to any marcal® small steps® product just once this week, together we could save over 1 million trees! Soft & strong Hypoallergenic 2-Ply 100% premium recycled