Green Way Earth-Smart Bath Tissue, Extra Soft, Double Rolls, 2-Ply - 4 Roll Pack

300 2-ply sheets per roll - 133.33 total sq. ft. Each sheet 4 in x 4 in. Soft, absorbent and 100% recycled fiber. 80% post consumer content. No new trees used to produce this bath tissue. No F/C: Fragrance or colors. N/C: No chlorine. We are trying hard to make a smaller environmental footprint. If you could produce and develop a high quality product, and at the same time be sensitive to its impact on the earth, wouldn't you do it? At Green Way, that is one of our primary philosophies. We are seeing out ways to conserve our natural resources, to reuse and repurpose products from existing materials, and eliminate unnecessary additives like chlorine, dyes and perfumes. With Green Way, we are trying to make a difference so that you can too! Every time we use one ton of recycled paper to make our Green Way bathroom tissue: we save enough energy to power the average American home for months; we save thousands of gallons of water; we reduce greenhouse gas emissions giving us all cleaner air; we save valuable space in our nations landfills. Using products from recycled fibers just makes sense. It conserves our natural resources like trees, water and electricity, and also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental Facts: for Green Way Bath Tissue: 100% recycled fiber; 80% post consumer content; no new trees; whitened without chlorine; fragrance & color free; biodegradeable. What do all these symbols really mean? We created this simple guide to help you understand the positive environmental qualities of this product. 100% Recycled Fiber: This product is made from 100% recycled fibers from recycled paper. Processed Without Chlorine: No chlorine has been used in the making of this product. Chlorine is sometimes used to make the paper whiter and by-products can damage our rivers and streams. LDPE means low density polyethylene, the 4 defines the type of plastic. This package may not be recyclable in your area. RV Safe: if you have an RV you can use this product. It dissolves quickly without the use of chemical digesters. Safe for standard septic systems. Made in the USA.