Clorox™ Scented Bleach, Clean Linen® Scent, 64 Ounce Bottle

Clorox™ Scented Bleach keeps clothes whiter longer than detergent alone, cleans and protects surfaces, and provides a long-lasting fresh scent. From America’s #1 bleach brand*, Clorox™ Scented Bleach is filtered three times to deliver the purest bleach, removes 70% more stains (than detergent alone), and has 10X deep cleaning benefit. Use Clorox™ Scented Bleach with confidence to remove laundry stains like grass, juice, dirt and blood from white clothing, as well as, clean and deodorize household surfaces such as countertops, floors, sinks, and trash cans. This bleach can be used in standard and high efficiency washing machines and is great for everyday cleaning and seasonal cleaning needs including Spring Cleaning & Back to School season. Clorox™ Bleach with CloroMax™ Technology whitens, brightens and deodorizes to keep your laundry and home smelling fresh. *Based on IRI MULO unit sales 52 weeks ending 12/29/19. Use as directed.