Grab Green Dish Soap, Fragrance Free

Removes grease. Gentle on hands. True transparency. We want you to know what's inside and why! Naturally-Derived Ingredients: Deionized Water. Lauryl Glucoside: Cleans. Sodium Laureth Sulfate: Cleans + foams, fragrance emulsifier. Cocamidopropyl Betaine: Foaming agent. Vegetable Glycerine: Softens hands. Benzisothiazolinone: Preservative. Dipropylene Glycol: Softens hands. Sodium Chloride: Liquid thickener. Biodegradable formula. No animal testing. Grab Green has a complete collection of safe and naturally-derived home cleaning products. Questions or comments? Call us at 888-841-Grab (4722);; Facebook/grabgreen; Twitter at grabgreen. Real clean! Real green! Non-toxic. Phosphate free. Biodegradable. Effective. Unscented. Hypoallergenic: All our fragrance free products are hypoallergenic, free of masking agents, and free of dyes. Please recycle. 100% made in the USA!