Luzianne® Seafood Coating Mix 8 oz. Box

Bake, fry or microwave. Cajun. Creole. Foods. This package contains 45% more product than the leading brand's 5.25 oz package. Coats 3 to 5 lbs of seafood. You can turn ordinary chicken, or seafood into exciting Cajun food easily with Luzianne Coating Mixes. Just bake, fry or microwave - it's that versatile. All you do is coat chicken or seafood and choose your favorite method of cooking. The result is always a savory dish that's the real flavor of Louisiana. Be adventurous. Luzianne has been making Louisiana food and beverage products since 1903. Our Cajun and Creole products are made with care and Louisiana expertise, and we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction.