Salt Sense Real Iodized Salt

Less sodium. All the taste. 33% Less sodium per teaspoon. This salt supplies iodide, a necessary nutrient. Not a salt substitute. With Salt Sense brand salt, you no longer have to sacrifice great taste for the benefits of a lower sodium diet. That's because Salt Sense is real salt, only better. Salt Sense brand salt's unique flake-shaped crystals are larger yet lighter than cube-shaped table salt granules which help you consume less sodium with every use. The faster-dissolving crystals deliver more flavor with every bite. Sodium Content Comparison: Granulated salt, 1 teaspoon is 2,360 mg. Salt Sense, 1 teaspoon is 1,560 mg. All natural flavor. No metallic salt-substitute taste. Lower sodium made easier. Salt Sense Brand salt makes sense. Choose sensibly. Reduce sodium and lower blood pressure the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet study sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute): 1. Compare Nutrition Facts labels and shop for reduced-sodium or no-salt-added products. 2. Choose fresh poultry, fish and meats instead of canned, smoked or processed. 3. Cut back on hidden sources of sodium such as microwave dinners, frozen pizzas and canned soups. 4. Replace your full-sodium table salt with Salt Sense brand salt.