Everett and Jones Barbeque Sauce, Super Q, Mild

The Bay area's finest. Cora the Angel. Want more? www.super-que.com. Outdoor Barbeque: My secret for great barbeque is to cook the meat without any sauce. Baste the meat, with it's own juices. Heat the Everett & Jones Super-Q sauce and pour over the meat just before serving. This brings out the best in both the meat and the sauce. - Dorthy. No high fructose corn syrup. www.super-que.com. In 1973, Dorthy Everett realized the only way to get authentic barbeque sauce in the Bay Area was to make her own. That's when she created Super-Q. After you've had the bold, zesty taste of Super-Q, every store-bought barbeque sauce you've ever had will seem like a weak imitation. With the help of Cora the Angel, Dorthy opened the first Everett & Jones Barbeque Restaurant in Oakland, Calif. Now, Everett & Jones is a San Francisco Bay Area tradition with multiple locations. An Everett & Jones Restaurant used to be the only place you could get barbeque sauce with the distinctive taste of Super-Q. Now available at your favorite store and order on-line: www.super-que.com.