Kashi® Trail Mix Chewy Granola Bars 10-1.2 oz. Pack

Lighting the wayWhat goes into our foods is something we're passionate about, but it's never stopped there. We also care about how it's grown and the people who make it possible.So when we first visited the remote Altiplano region of Bolivia, we asked the quinoa farmers what we could do to help them continue their sustainable farming practices or support their families.They responded by expressing a need for lights in their homes—a small luxury we take for granted. The truth is, because they're in such a remote place, they had to rely on candles and kerosene, which made it difficult to do things like cook, study or even spend time with family when the sun went down.So with the help of our quinoa supplies, Andean Naturals, we've installed 60 solar panels to give them lights in their homes for the very first time and that makes us all feel really, really good.